Esquire Rising


Taken from “Why ‘Esquire Rising?'”

Esquire Rising signifies my imminent future as a lawyer. I’m a 3L (i.e. third-year law student). But I see this year as a transition year from being a regular human being… to being a lawyer. Being a full-fledged member of the legal profession, the legal practice, the legal academy, and hopefully a damn-excellent one. So yea, I’m not just a third-year, or a future lawyer, I’m an “Esquire Rising.”*

You know what, I start a new blog up every year. I initially start off that I’ll do a new blog that’s focused on certain issues or subjects. Then I end up writing about whatever I want to write about. I post pretty frequently for a few months. Then I end up just not writing much. Then I’m clicking on “Delete This Blog?” It happens without fail. I think it’s just that I come up with a new name for a blog and think it’s genius, but after a while,  I end up too used to the name.

Well either way, this is my latest blog! WordPress is a fool for giving all these free blogs.

* Contingent upon passing my final year with at least acceptable grades and passing the bar. What type of lawyer doesn’t use asterisks? I’m just carrying on tradition.


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